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Letter to the editor by  Better Transit Alliance member Eric Doherty:

Bus lanes already under construction

Times Colonist, October 27, 2017

Re: “Run electric buses on E&N corridor: firm,” Oct. 24. Why is so much time being wasted talking about bus lanes on the E&N corridor when bus lanes on the Douglas Street/Trans-Canada Highway corridor are already under construction?

The Trans-Canada Highway section is supposed to be low-cost shoulder bus lanes, which work well on Highway 99 in Richmond. The Douglas Street sections in Victoria and Saanich are designed and ready for work to begin.

These are real 24/7 bus lanes, not the so-called “high-occupancy vehicle” lanes that quickly plug up with new traffic and cheaters. The whole project to the 6 Mile pub area could be completed within 18 months, once the provincial government decides to fund the remaining sections.

And of course, Canadian-made electric buses could be used on this route. It is time to get it done.

Eric Doherty, Victoria

Better Transit Alliance letter to editor in Times Colonist

More bus lanes should be a priority

Times Colonist

October 8, 2017

Re: “Residents call for more affordable transit,” Oct. 3.

The new Vital Signs report has a lot of good information on what people in Greater Victoria want, beyond lower transit fares. The report shows that people are tired of transit riders getting stuck in traffic, and think we should reduce our reliance on cars. It also says we should “take urgent action to combat climate change.”

Completing the already started bus lanes on Douglas Street/Trans-Canada Highway to the West Shore should be the immediate response to this report. These bus lanes could be completed within 18 months. There is also an urgent need for shoulder bus lanes on the Pat Bay Highway, and many more buses across the region. Let’s get it done.

We are members of the Better Transit Alliance of Greater Victoria.

Sue Stroud, Brentwood Bay

Eric Diller, Sidney

Better Transit Alliance in Saanich Voice on Line

A Look at Transit in the South Island

by Sue Stroud, citizen reporter

Last spring Saanich Peninsula Green Drinks hosted a presentation by Eric Doherty of the Better Transit Alliance of Greater Victoria around transit options for the region. The evening, hosted by Central Saanich Councillor Alicia Holman included a slide show followed by a lively discussion.

Doherty’s presentation held the position that a community can’t build its way out of traffic congestion – growth supersedes road building and road building facilitates further growth. He suggested that, in the Southern Vancouver Island region, this was demonstrated by the road ‘improvements’ that took place to eliminate what is lovingly referred to as the Colwood Crawl – the traffic stand-still/crawl that happens on Hwy #1 and roads parallel to it heading into Victoria in the morning, and out again in the late afternoon . . .

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Better Transit Alliance breaks story about bus lane delay

The Better Transit Alliance tries to send an observer to every Victoria Transit Commission meeting. And the last meeting was more eventful than usual, with some bad news which we reported to the media. The basic story is that, like most construction projects in the region these days, the price for the bus lanes was higher than hoped as all the construction companies are very busy. Unfortunately there was not a big enough contingency fund in place, and bus lane construction has been delayed.

We are going to be pushing all levels of government to step up to the plate and fund the Douglas / Highway 1 bus lanes all the way to the 6 Mile Pub area as soon as possible (even if it costs significantly more than it would have a few years ago). And we are optimistic that it will happen quickly; we think this can be completed within 24 months of municipal and provincial governments deciding to proceed. Here is some of the media coverage of the issue: Continue reading “Better Transit Alliance breaks story about bus lane delay”

Better Transit Alliance featured in West Shore paper

The Better Transit Alliance was featured in the final of a three part series in the Goldstream News Gazette on transportation issues on Greater Victoria’s West Shore. The ‘West Shore on the Go’ series by Joel Tansey is a very worthwhile read, particularly Part 1 – Commuting transit riders want improved travel times 

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