Car Free Day: Survey Says…

If you stopped by our booth at our first Car Free Day Victoria on June 18, 2017, then you might have participated in our informal sticker survey. We loved chatting with everyone who stopped by and hearing some of your transit concerns in Greater Victoria- as well as many positive stories of transit experiences in the CRD!

Our (un)scientific survey results are very interesting! Some observations:

  • People who take public transit take it a lot! 64% of people surveyed take transit at least 5 days per week, with 25% taking the bus EVERY DAY!
  • The most common place that people take transit is to school and work, though some rely on it for everyday activities like grocery shopping. A quarter of you rely on transit to get out of town- like to the ferry terminal or to the airport
  • The biggest complaint about transit in Greater Victoria is definitely that the bus doesn’t come on time! Though, we heard some people who complained that the bus comes really early and some that say the bus comes too late. Either way, the busses don’t seem to be running on the scheduled times.

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Where are the 24/7 Douglas / Hwy 1 Bus Lanes Promised in 2008?

The BC Liberals promised 24/7 bus lanes on Hwy 1 all the way to the Westshore “soon” in 2008. In September 2016, the City of Victoria signaled their intention to move ahead with 24/7 bus lanes on Douglas Street up to the Saanich border. “That is where we need to go — 24-seven all the way through the city. That’s when people will say I’m going to get on the bus” said Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps.

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